Kristian’s Stargate Project Blog

  • Painting the stargate (part 2)

    The paint job is progressing and it’s time for a new update. The tablet came out pretty nice i think.

    Painted symbol ring parts.

    Painted DHD top view.

    Painted DHD side view.

    Painted outer ring parts

  • Painting the stargate (part 1)
    aceton smoothing 3d printed abs

    It has been a while since the last update on my stargate project. But here’s finally a little something. The project is currently being painted. This is a difficult and time consuming job and I have enlisted my brother in law to paint the stargate, as he has experience with this kind of thing compared to myself. The first step in the process is to smooth the parts by vaping them in acetone.

    smoothed stargate parts

    This picture shows all the individual parts that requires acetone smoothing.

    The next step before we can paint the stargate is to wash the parts. It’s important so that the paint will stick properly.

    Another time consuming process is the sanding and filing.

    The first base layer of paint is applied.

    After several more layers the stone corner of the base looks like this.

    Some top parts of the stargate base.

    The base is complete with paint.

  • Chevron lights, power distribution and rewiring.

    It’s taken a great while, but i have now finally put some lights inside the “V” part of the chevrons. It’s not yet painted and i have just used a black marker on the parts that should not let the light shine through. I did this on the top chevron only.

    It was not easy finding a method that did not take to much space, so that it could actually fit it inside the Stargate. I ended up designing a tiny and rather simple PCB.

    I want to power the Stargate from one single power cable and therefore made a power distribution PCB. It takes input power from either micro USB or a barrel jack. The The raspberry pi is connected to one of the USB -A connectors and the speaker to the other one. The black “box” on the PCB is a B0505S-1W module. It takes 5V dc input, converts it to AC and then back to DC before it outputs 5V DC again. This way I get a separate isolated circuit. I have to use this isolated circuit to power the speaker. If i don’t there are lots of nasty noise coming from the other components. This noise is very annoying, and very loud. Using that tiny black box removes the noise and I get clear audio from the speaker.

    I have also rewired the “brains” of the Stargate. One of the added features of this rewiring is that it’s easier (possible) to detach the Stargate from the base. This makes it a lot easier to work with the Stargate and make changes when needed.

    This picture shows the “brain” attached with all the necessary wiring.

    And Finally a short video showing the new chevron lights:

  • DHD lights

    I have finally been able to make the DHD buttons light up when pressed. It took some time and a few tries to solder all the small dotstar led’s to the PCB. I learned that i lack the necessary experience and tools to properly solder them using traditional solder method. I ended up buying solder paste and used a “do it yourself at home reflow technique” using a regular kitchen stove. It worked out nicely! I have made a short video of how the buttons lights up when pressed.

  • Stargate scale?

    I have gotten some feedback that it’s hard to see the scale of the Stargate. I took a picture that includes a 0.5 liter bottle of Coca-cola in the mix. It should make it easier to see the scale.

  • Tablet with addresses
    DHD tablet with Stargate addresses

    Today i made a tablet with Stargate addresses to complement the DHD. The design is based on a goa’uld tablet from the TV Show. This makes using the Stargate a bit easier. Not many people have memorized many milky-way addresses.

  • Stargate Project is Online!

    I finally took the time to make a site for my nerdy Stargate Project. I have been working on this Stargate Project for a very long time, and it’s starting to come together. The plan is to add a new post here whenever there are progress on this project. The project is nearing completion, but there are still a few things to fix and improve. At the moment it’s a bit slow-going as I am waiting for delivery of needed parts. That’s actually how I found the time to make this site.